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Nadra offers online verification system to all Pakistanis to check their IC Card online though using mobile phones. Nadra Pakistan increasing score Pakistan and Pakistanis due to security system increasing day by day, because Pakistan facing many security problems nadra Pakistan takes good step to increase the details of system that every Pakistani knows that where their national ID card is using or how much sims is working with your name. I understand that. But you need to kick out the retired army officers who are directors etc.

They can easily issue cards to their loved ones good Taliban again. Secondly, there also needs to be a way under which every person is checked on roads for ID card and not asked to come and verify.

And a new design should be launched while old one cancelled so that the millions of Afghans who are holding Pakistani CNIC and using it to move abroad illegally can also stop.

Under special directives of the Hon. Sir mujhe is number ka bio data chaiye is nay mere mobile account se pesay transfer kiay hain Sir Mary card ko 55 din sa zada time ho gia hn laken abi tk mujy nahe mila token no or sir Mara phone no Our driver stole few things. Please help us for complete address in new karachi. Cnic Sir mujay is cnic number ka mukamal bio data chayee Plzz send me address in this cnic as soon as posible.

Bhai 1 admi nay mujhe ka nuksan diya hai main salesman hon meray pass id card number hai agar ap mehrbani kar mujhe bio data dain shukria. M shahid yaqoob nic Sir can you send me bio data and if possible pic of all ladies name irshad lives in Pakistan She is me mother lost from 35 years can you help me plz. Hello Sir. Please send my verification letter as soon as possible.

How to Get Pak Identity Nadra ID card Online in Simple 3 Steps

My enguiry or letter no. Please provide me complete details and bi data Thnx. To check address and electoral area of any chic,you can type that cnic without dashes via sms at Emergency may allah bless u for your help. Hello sir I want this Id card information: Please do it as soon as possible, thanks.

Pls contact me if anyone have this fully functional software. Regards Ali. Sir is ID card ki verification ky ly Nadra ki website par register hon. Credit card ya debit card sy rupees ki payment us ky bad ap ka ID Card verify ho ga.

Cnic: Please mujhe is ka complete data bta dein kindly msg data on this number please bro anyone please You might want to generate source code so you can modify the code and change the behavior.

For example, you could instruct the scaffolder to generate the code used in registration. Generated code takes precedence over the same code in the Identity RCL.

Applications that do not include authentication can apply the scaffolder to add the RCL Identity package. You have the option of selecting Identity code to be generated.

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Although the scaffolder generates most of the necessary code, you need to update your project to complete the process. This document explains the steps needed to complete an Identity scaffolding update. We recommend using a source control system that shows file differences and allows you to back out of changes. Inspect the changes after running the Identity scaffolder.

Services are required when using Two Factor AuthenticationAccount confirmation and password recoveryand other security features with Identity. Services or service stubs aren't generated when scaffolding Identity.

Services to enable these features must be added manually. For example, see Require Email Confirmation. When scaffolding Identity with a new data context into a project with existing individual accounts:. Typically, apps that were created with individual accounts should not create a new data context.

Add required NuGet package references to the project file. Run the following commands in the project directory:. For example, the following project file contains the version 3. In the project folder, run the Identity scaffolder with the options you want. For example, to setup identity with the default UI and the minimum number of files, run the following command:.

pak identity

UseHsts is recommended but not required. Create a migration and update the database.Nadra is operating in Pakistan with more than offices in different cities and towns of Pakistan. It employees more than 11, people to maintain data of Pakistani citizens, which makes it one of the biggest data base in the world.

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NADRA also launched an app through which you can easily locate the regional offices in your area. Just register yourself, go through the verification process, provide details and pay the fees to complete the process. Timings of different NADRA offices differ from each other in big cities offices are open from am to PM, in some other areas office timings are am till pm. Mega centers are also established in big cities like Karachi which are open for 24 hours.

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July 31, Prev Article. Next Article. Related Articles. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Ad Blocker Detected Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors.In other categories, the payment will have to be made at the start of the application.

How to make free passport photos and How to resize passport size photo for NADRA

We aim to process the submitted applications and ship the cards as per the time frames detailed below. Actual processing times will vary for each case depending on a range of factors. Pak-Identity system will send notifications regarding the processing of your application on the provided mobile number and email address. You will be notified at the following stages of your application:. Overseas applicants can check the status of their application by logging in with their registered account at the Pak-Identity Website.

Get Started! Apply online for your National ID. Here, you can apply online for your Pakistan ID Card and have it delivered to your doorstep. The online application process at Pak-Identity can be completed in 3 Quick Steps.

Before starting your application, please read through the instructions for each step below: Step 1: Preliminary Assessment Understand your requirement and then choose the appropriate category to apply in. How Long will the Online Application Process take?

The online application process differs for each category you apply in. The following table shows the approximate time take to complete an online applicationassuming that you fulfill all the prerequisites. Processing and Delivery Times We aim to process the submitted applications and ship the cards as per the time frames detailed below.Nadra is also responsible to issuing the computerized national identity cards to the citizens of Pakistan, maintaining their sensitive informational upgraded in the government databases, and securing national identities of the citizens of Pakistan from being stolen and theft.

Changes were carried out by Election Commission of Pakistan in for the process of the voter's registration to hold the nationwide presidential election. In —70, the amendments in the PIS program continued by the Election commission until the election commission supervised the general elections.

After the war resulted in East-Pakistan gaining independence as Bangladesha new statistical database system was needed to ensure the safety of Pakistan's citizens as well as the national security of the country [3] as questions were being raised over who was a Pakistani and who was not. Registration of Pakistan's citizens and statistic database in government's computer accounts was started inwith the promulgation of the constitution of the country. Inin a parliamentary session, Bhutto stated in parliament to the people of Pakistan, "due to the absence of full statistical database of the people of this country, this country is operating in utter darkness".

NADRA is an autonomous body to operate independently with the mandate to replace the old directorate general of Registration with a computrised system of registering million citizens, NADRA launched the Multi-Biometric National Identity Card project developed in conformance with international security documentation issuance practices in the year The program replaced the paper based Personal Identity System of Pakistan that had been in use since To date, over 96 million citizens in Pakistan and abroad have utilized the system and its allied services to receive tamper-resistant ISO standard Identification Documents.

The organization flourished in the time period of former Chairman Mr. Ali Arshad Hakeem. The CNIC was introduced in and, byover The CNIC is issued first at the age of New CNIC's are machine-readable and carry facial and fingerprint information.

However, since some births in the country are not registered, and some Pakistanis do not conduct any of the activities described above, a few do not have ID cards. UntilNIC numbers were 11 digits long. The first 5 digits are based on the applicant's locality, the next 7 are random numbers, and the last digit is a check digit, even number for females and odd number for males. The old manual NIC numbers are invalid as of 1 January Pakistan's SNIC contains a data chip and 36 security features.

The SNIC can be used for both offline and online identification, voting, pension disbursement, social and financial inclusion programmes and other services. In order to address the security concerns, NADRA have incorporated 36 security features in the physical design of the card, making it one of the securest cards in the world. The card is printed in multiple layers and each layer has its own security features. The chip is encrypted by extremely competent software developers at NADRA and secure communication protocols have been determined for being read by remote devices.

When a citizen places their card into a card reader, the reader will first authenticate itself to the card. In return the card will verify its authenticity to the reader. This will enable verifications of individuals in the remotest parts of Pakistan.

So say in a decade when an individual casts vote, the government may ascertain that the person casting the vote is indeed the same as the one on the electoral roll.

This is only one of the thousands of scenarios of identity fraud prevention that the card empowers. A majority of the space in the chip has been made available for the private sector to use for their products and services.

It might appear expensive for the private sector to use this card initially but once the number of citizens having critical mass is reached, it will be more profitable for the private sector to use this secure and universal platform.Home Delivery Service of passport is restricted as per the local laws imposed by Government of Iran. Passport of Online applicants will be delivered to the embassy of Pakistan in Iran.

Home Delivery Service of passport is restricted as per the local laws imposed by Government of Morocco. Passport of Online applicants will be delivered to the embassy of Pakistan in Morocco.

pak identity

Applicants are advised to collect their passports from embassy of Pakistan Morocco Rabat. Online applicants are hereby informed that the system of online passport renewal is operational. The Overseas Pakistani Passports holders can apply for renewal of their passports through online passport facility whose passports have expired or will expire within next 07 months.

pak identity

However, it was earlier notified that due to disruption of flight operations world-wide, the delivery of passports was suspended w. Now DHL Courier Service has resumed its operations world-wide, except where there is still complete lock down. The DHL started its operation with the following conditions; The DHL, however, cannot guarantee transit time for any destinations due to the current Covid pandemic until the situation normalizes.

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Therefore, no claim for delay in deliveries of passports will be acceptable until everything is back to normal globally. You can use e-Services Portal to:. The following table shows the approximate time taken to complete an online application, assuming that you fulfill all the prerequisites.

pak identity

Beware of Identity Theft! Renew your passport online through quick and easy steps. Online Application.

Credit Card Payment. Home Delivery. You can use e-Services Portal to: Apply for renewal of your Machine Readable Passport, if your passport has expired OR its validity is less than 7 months. Important Announcement. Applicants are advised to visit their nearest foreign missions for issuance of passports other than renewal category.

For detail please visit our website to see Policy Guidelines. Get Started. If you are visiting this website for the first time and are intending to apply for a machine readable passport, you may spend a few minutes reading this advisory. Requirements for Renewal of Passport Before applying please have the following ready: Supporting documents. Fingerprint formfilled as explained in the Fingerprint Tutorial. Applicant is requested to thoroughly review information and guidelines provided in the website.

Quick Links. Before You Apply What Documents are required? How much will it cost? Guides How to Upload Documents? How to Capture Fingerprints?AB Tetra Pak was formed in In order to differentiate our various packaging materials and shapes, we have given them individual names, with TETRA used as a prefix. Trademarks are also created for items such as caps and closures, and for certain events or campaigns.

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Our first package in the shape of a tetrahedron was developed in The motto stamp is our principal signature. Creating a new trademark and branding a new product or service is an important mean when we communicate and market our different offerings.

Neither the separate word elements nor the combination has any conceptual meaning. Tetravalent, Tetrachloride. The following list consists of the most popular trademarks owned and used by the Tetra Pak Group and by our authorised users. The list is not exhaustive, and is for informative purposes only. The absence of a trademark from this list does not constitute a waiver of our rights to our trademarks or any other intellectual property rights of ours.

This list also includes the appropriate generic term for each type of product, machine or service as the case may be. The generic term is intended to be used in conjunction with the appropriate trademark and as set out in the General Guideline on Correct Use as set out on this website.

A tetrahedron is a three-dimensional figure with four triangles. If you lift up three triangles 1you create a tetrahedron shown in top view 2. Generally it is shown in 3-D, 3. We should use the motto stamp wherever it is appropriate and relevant. The logotype is our company signature, used on the back cover of Tetra Pak literature, on signs for buildings and on our equipment. It can also be used in situations where there is not enough room for the two-liner to be used correctly.

The house mark is used to identify all the companies in the Tetra Laval Group. It can be used separately or in combination with the trademark,Tetra Pak. Please note, it should never be combined with anything else. The house mark is used on buildings, on packages materials and other situations where the motto stamp or logotype are too large to be used in their entirety. Together with our customers we make food safe and available, everywhere. Since the start in we have taken pride in providing the best possible processing and packaging solutions for food.

Tetra Pak is one of three companies in the Tetra Laval Group — a private group that started in Sweden. The other two companies are DeLaval and Sidel. Tetra Laval is headquartered in Switzerland.

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Filling Machines. Downstream Equipment. Differentiate and stand out. Sustainability Our approach. Information Hub. About Tetra Pak The Company.